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Buell X1 Rear Isolators Change
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Author:  BobbyFisher [ Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Buell X1 Rear Isolators Change

Today I changed rear isolators in my X1. Need to say was easy and quick job.
I'm not a genius so this articles I found very helpful: ... 1247494017 ... 1195065810
First link is instruction how to do it but I need to explain some think: Natexlh1000 said "undo the tiebar heim thing in the left rear." - by this you need to mean engine mount what hold engine to swing arm. Screw you need to find is directly under the battery. After this whole job going smooth. And remember to fix that screw back before you fix 1/2 hex screw on left isolator.
Second link is just what actually you need to buy - part numbers , prices , and chat what is good for you.
I used Hard rubber ones and cheapest. I don't know I did good but I know :old: everything is better if this what was before.

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