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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:08 pm 
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Too lazy to make thumbnails from the pictures, so no inline picts.

1. Remove fuel pump assembly from bike. Follow the service manual to do so.
"Front" view: ... CT1580.JPG
"Rear" view: ... CT1581.JPG
"Top" view: "Front" view: ... CT1582.JPG

2. Disconnect all electric connectors. Remove retaining ring and store in a save place. Strip down the fuel pump assembly. Use a small screwdriver or similar to pry open the hose clamps. ... CT1583.JPG

3. Carefully remove the relieve valve and the fuel sensor: ... CT1584.JPG.

4. Slide off the wash plate. You can see now the suction strainer (low pressure filter): "Front" view: ... CT1585.JPG

6. Very carefully remove the intake filter from the fuel pump. Use a small screwdriver or two spoons to lift the filter with it's containing pinch fastener: ... CT1588.JPG
oultet side view: ... CT1589.JPG
intake side view: ... CT1593.JPG

7. Turn and pull at the high pressure filter to remove it from the fuel pump. The filter is sitting in a piece of hose, working as a gasket also: ... CT1597.JPG

8. Get a replacement pump. Picture shows a Bosch pump, part no. 0 580 453 427: ... CT1601.JPG
Bosch pump intake side view: ... CT1599.JPG
Comparison Carter (left) vs. Bosch (right): ... CT1602.JPG

9. Put fuel pump in holder, mount inlet filter. This requires some pressure to mount the filter until it touches the pump: ... CT1604.JPG

10. Slide fuel pump holder over the the pole and make sure the intake filter is fitting nicely in his space. Assemble the wash plate. Watch that there's no gap remainig at the bottom side: ... CT1605.JPG

11. Carefully mount the pressure relieve valve and secure hose clamps (not shown in picture for demonstration purposes): ... CT1607.JPG

12. Install retaining ring to secure the relieve valve.

13. Mount fuel pump assembly.

Fuel pump third party part no.:
BOSCH 0 580 453 465
Pierburg 7.00468.70.0
Quinton Hazell (QH) QFP656
VDO 993-784-025X

Fuel pump OE part no.:
Holden 90 451 593
Opel 815039
Daewoo 96350588
FORD F2A7 9A407 A

The 1125R/2008 parts manual does not mention any replaceable parts for the fuel pump assembly.

The high pressure filter has an OD of ~31 mm, and a overall height of ~92 mm (body only: ~50mm). I suppose there's a Bosch replacement for this one also.

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Handy to know, I'll change my filter this winter, thanks Gunter.

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